rain washed chalk drawing
Upper West Side Manhattan, NY from my 2011 archive

September 8, 2011

Street Art continued...

It looks like September is taking a cue from August and is producing rain nonstop. I came upon this rain washed chalk drawing on a sidewalk during a lighter moment of rain. As I prepared to take the picture, a man on his cell phone came and stood on top of the image. I kindly asked him to step aside, motioning to my camera. He looked at me, the camera, at the drawing, and laughed (evil Joker laugh). He mumbled something about the drawing not being there anymore. I begged to differ and proceeded with my photo as he looked on.

I appreciate the faded quality of the image. The constant rain and the treading upon by passersby have given it an authenticity. The chalk melded into the sidewalk instead of remaining on the surface. Little does the "cell phone man" know that he likely enhanced the drawing.