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Roa's work (Title Unknown) altered by some local street artists
Astoria, NY from my 2011 archive

August 2, 2011

Street Art continued...

The Swede and I were walking to Costco (I love that place, sorry but I do) and he suggested we take a detour to see the updated Roa. I had been avoiding it, fearful that the work had been ruined. I am conflicted. The new additions are beautiful, but Roa's work is Roa's work and powerful on its own. Not sure if I like this version or the original.

In the end, I realize they are two different works. I think it would be easier for me to swallow if I knew it was a collaboration. I doubt it and that bothers me. Perhaps I think it is disrespectful, although I think the new additions are done in a thoughtful way. As I said, I am conflicted.

Street Art is temporal and I need to remember that. I guess that applies to most everything in life, to remember to live and appreciate things in the moment.