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Roa's work (Title Unknown)
Williamsburg, NY from my 2011 archive

Roa's work (Title Unknown)
Astoria, NY from my 2011 archive

April 5, 2011

Street Art continued...

I used to think a work near my community garden by the Street Artist Roa was of a rat. I was wrong. I went back recently to take a better photo of it, and I realized it is a badger, I mean ferret...according to The Swede. Now he thinks it could be a weasel, who really knows. I came to the conclusion it was not a rat after noticing its tail, which is cut off in the photo because of that van. I was lucky however, normally cars are completely obstructing its lower half.

On an outing to get coffee from my home state, The Swede and I came across another of Roa's work in Brooklyn. I was able to get the shot of the squirrel just as the sun was going down. By the time I finished taking six or seven photos, it was nearly dark out. The shots nearly made us miss our chance to get coffee. When we arrived, they had closed. Persistence paid off, I knocked on the glass door and convinced them to let me at least buy a bag of beans. Thank you Blue Bottle.